Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Desert Sands" on sale later today; "Pretty Things Float" Mondo screenprint release

What happened last night? A fun surprise Mondo drop! Thanks everyone for braving the late night onsale for the "Pretty Things Float" screen print release. I honestly thought they'd last a bit with the unannounced midnight drop but to my surprise they sold a few minutes after they went on sale.

I'm so grateful to everyone who purchased a print; I've been asked about this one more than any other image in the past year... if I have any APs to offer I'll be sure to let everyone know.


Although the Mondo release is all gone, we can still have some fun with our Friday.

I won't be able to get online much today, but because I've made many of you wait weeks for the next Nature Guild art print (the Star Wars-themed "The Desert Sands) I decided to plan a short 'limited' onsale later today, after I get some sleep...I'll keep the print up as long as I can monitor the sale, and then I'll have a proper onsale on Monday with whatever's left.

It's an 18x24 6-color screenprint on dark brown stock; just got a few pics from the printer and they look great, I'll try to post a few jpgs at sale time.

I'll tweet and send out a list update when the sale is about to happen..see you then-JC

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