Friday, October 4, 2013

Quick updates...

Hey everyone- sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of weeks, I'm juggling too much  and feeling the strain a bit, but there is light up ahead...

Many of you have heard I'll have a piece in AMC's Walking Dead show at HCG Gallery in LA- the show opens next week, and is timed to promote the upcoming Season 4 premiere. I promise to fill you in on the details of all of that as soon as the veil of silence is lifted... my hands got a bit bloody on this one.

For Nature Guild members and those waiting for "The Desert Sands" onsale: the nice custom stock we were waiting on is finally in! Things are happening and now can finally think about the onsale. I'll let you all know the exact time/date ASAP... definitely sometime next week. Guild members: I'll be updating you guys very soon with sub shipment details.

On a related note: There's a handful of you still waiting for tubes, and very happy to report the last pending domestic orders have left the building; the remaining overseas stuff will follow by the weekend. Also, after a few false starts it looks like I'll (finally)have some shipping help going forward; this will hopefully free me up to get caught up on actual illustration and sub releases, while also getting orders out the door faster.

Lots of other projects in the works, commercial and otherwise...everything seems to come to a head and get crazy at the same time. It all makes me a bit mad, and the scary thing is I've started to like it.

I'll talk to you soon-JC

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