Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"THE CHASE" New Amity '74 print onsale is OFF.

THE CHASE w/ Title 36x12 xx/125- $55
 **out of stock**
THE CHASE art print 36x12 xx/80- $60
 **out of stock**

SHIPPING UPDATE 1/25   "The Chase" orders started shipping last week, and all remaining orders will be posting ASAP as soon as we get back from Orlando/Festival of the Arts on Tues 1/29. 
If you have a question about your individual order, feel free to shoot us a mssg. Best-JC

*SETS-We will do our best to provide matching #s. If you bought an art print during the pre-sale and would like a matching #, just put a note when checking out, or you can shoot me an email with your request.

All prints are S/N unless otherwise noted.
THE CHASE is the latest in our Amity '74  print series, capturing treasured and not-so-treasured moments from that strange, surreal summer when the water went red... more to come.