Monday, September 16, 2013

"The Desert Sands" - New art print for August

Hello everyone- I'm happy to debut the new art print for August (yeah, August-I'm a bit late!)

"The Desert Sands" 
18x24 screen print- 7 color
Onsale date: TBA

After staying away from film-related subjects for the first 3 prints this year, decided to switch it up and dive headlong into a (well known) fictional world--although it's an imagined scene and the associated film references are subtle, those among you that know your stuff will have no problem placing the location. If you aren't into this particular series and related canon stories, it would be easy to miss the context; if that's the case, hopefully you'll just enjoy the twin suns setting over the desert...

On a related note- noticed my commissioned work for the Fall has taken a serious scif turn, and I'm excited...if I think about it, some of the most memorable nature scenes stuck in my brain aren't Earth-based (or even real), so looking forward to sharing these projects with you soon.

SHIPPING UPDATE: Shipping continues from the last sale, trying to get them all out asap but still have batches to get out early this week- hopefully I'll have everything out in the next few (as always any questions about your individual orders, just shoot me a mail)

Until then, keep a low profile friends... the Empire has spies everywhere...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead...

Hello my friends- hope you are doing well out there-

I've had so many great projects come my way lately that it's almost surreal- hard to complain about this, although one issue that comes with more concurrent jobs is a complete loss of sanity and time perspective-- so if I seem a bit distracted for the next few weeks please forgive me as probably going to be skipping sleep just to get things done.

This month I get to work on original images for pretty much every kind of media- movies, comics, television, video games-- it's all fair game lately and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I promise to share things as soon as I'm allowed... as usual, the toughest part is keeping secrets when all I want really want to do is share and geek out with you all about everything.

On the shipping front- The "How Time Slips Away" prints are in and I'll start packing this weekend to start shipping first thing next week. The new Guild art print is done so I hope to debut it ASAP (as in the next day or so) so stay tuned to the usual channels... soon! -JC