Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shipping etc.

Hello friends,

Wanted to give everyone a fulfillment update on the Walden/art print orders: After a few marathon sessions, hands are aching, but finishing and titles are done...  
Update 5/17:  All but a few stragglers have shipped (no notices go out unless requested), everyone in the US should have their prints by the end of the week. 

*Also added a comparison pic to illustrate the differences between the show and art print sky details. The left one is the finished show version (one color clouds), and on the right is the art print with a second layer of lighter details added.

That's all for now, can't thank you enough for the support-JC

Friday, May 6, 2011

A few random prints at a random time...

All gone, thanks everyone

Walden Sale at an end.. thanks everyone

Thanks for your support and patience everyone, I'm very grateful.

'Walden' Show print - $85
*out of stock*
'Hound, Horse and Dove' Art print - $95
*out of stock*

Walden Onsale Today!

Hello friends,
The onsale for the remaining Walden prints is happening today,  Friday, May 6th (sometime after noon EST). I'll make a new post with active paypal buttons at the time of the sale. See you then.-JC

*Contrary to info in the mailing list update, I decided to skip the separate shipping buttons this time.
Shipping will be a flat $6 (for international as well) and will be added automatically... much easier for everyone, life is stressful enough without extra mouse clickin'...

Some detail pics:

Monday, May 2, 2011

If your circles could be spirals, and your idols weren't machines...

I've been asked many times to do 'sequels' of certain prints (which is nice, since it means some of you actually notice the small "snapshot" character narratives I try to stick in there). 'Case for Sea Monsters' is mentioned most often in this scenario; after all, those two people have a nice boat, a serious sense of adventure and lots of free time on their hands (assuming the humpbacks didn't drag 'em down). It seems natural to ask, 'where else have they been?'

Since I was just as curious as anyone, thought it would be fun to check back in with the globe-trotting couple. The new print is titled Sinful, Windborne and this time, she goes first..

I'm also trying to honor requests for some smaller, 'standard-sized' prints, in order to make framing a less expensive proposition (can't promise they'll all be that way!) Size/color info on this one soon.-JC

A quick update...

Hello friends-
I can finally say that my remaining Walden prints are arriving soon! I'll plan on putting them up sometime after noon EST on FRIDAY May 6th (yes it was originally Thursday, but had to change it!)

Please check back later for more details, including my own pics of the actual printed matter.

Until then...