Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hello friends-
Wow what a busy month- finished up separations for a Mondo art print while doing sketches for 2 others, and completed 8- yes 8- new art prints for next month's big event.

What event you ask? All of this stuff will debut at a 2-man show coming up on March 1st at G1988/Melrose in LA. My partner in this one is the great Justin Santora (if you don't know his work do yourself a favor and discover it; I'm a big fan). Both of us will be at the opening causing as much trouble as possible, so if you're in the area come on down and say hello. I'll be bringing tons of new screenprints, a couple of OGs and blacklines, and Justin has a bunch of awesome painting and prints to bring as well. Very excited to show it all.

Tons of previews and more info coming in the next few days- just getting everything ready to go.
Talk to you all very soon-

PS For all those asking about the subscriptions-have not forgotten you guys- almost have all the details ready to go so stay tuned!