Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Desert Sands" - New art print on sale

Hello everyone, here's the last batch of "The Desert Sands" - just click the ADD TO CART button below to purchase- I don't have many today so if there's an oversell I'll let everyone know ASAP

UPDATE: All gone, thanks so much for the purchases! The next one in this series is already in progress...

 "THE DESERT SANDS" 18"x24", 6-color screen print; ed. 120 - $40

**out of stock**


**PLEASE let me know if you have any problems with the order system, it's pretty rudimentary..


 As with all screen prints, some colors/fades may appear slightly different than the examples pictured. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for domestic delivery... I'm a one-man show and like to take the time to number/title/sign each print by hand, so I really appreciate your patience

"The Desert Sands" on sale later today; "Pretty Things Float" Mondo screenprint release

What happened last night? A fun surprise Mondo drop! Thanks everyone for braving the late night onsale for the "Pretty Things Float" screen print release. I honestly thought they'd last a bit with the unannounced midnight drop but to my surprise they sold a few minutes after they went on sale.

I'm so grateful to everyone who purchased a print; I've been asked about this one more than any other image in the past year... if I have any APs to offer I'll be sure to let everyone know.


Although the Mondo release is all gone, we can still have some fun with our Friday.

I won't be able to get online much today, but because I've made many of you wait weeks for the next Nature Guild art print (the Star Wars-themed "The Desert Sands) I decided to plan a short 'limited' onsale later today, after I get some sleep...I'll keep the print up as long as I can monitor the sale, and then I'll have a proper onsale on Monday with whatever's left.

It's an 18x24 6-color screenprint on dark brown stock; just got a few pics from the printer and they look great, I'll try to post a few jpgs at sale time.

I'll tweet and send out a list update when the sale is about to happen..see you then-JC

Monday, October 21, 2013

A quick one...

Hey guys- A quick FYI for the Guild members, and those waiting on "The Desert Sands" onsale to happen..

The subscription tubes are just waiting on 'Desert Sands' to come in... the printer ran into additional delays completely unrelated to the actual printing, and this is after the custom stock already took longer than usual to come in. All frustrating to be sure, but I've been assured everything is back on track..
I'm terribly anxious to get these these out, and hope to start shipping end of this week. The new guild print is done (next 2 actually) but have to hold off on those until we clear the backup

On another stupidly vague note- look for an update sooooon about a new thing I just finished up for something else; should be a nice one for the season, I know some of you will like it...

Friday, October 11, 2013

New screenprint for AMC's "The Walking Dead" art show tonite at HCG

Hello friends-  Hope you're all doing well out there... I'm stuck in the studio on a Friday night getting ready to get final work done on the next art print, but I wanted to let you all know about a new poster. Damn this one was fun...

The print was commissioned for AMC's The Walking Dead official art exibition happening at Hero Complex Gallery in LA tonight (10/11). If you're a WD fan in the LA area: I've also noticed AMC often seems to go all out for licensed events, so I'm betting it would be worth you're while to head down there.

This poster is a 21"x36" screenprint depicting Michonne saving the day in the S2 finale, "Beside the Dying Fire." There's a healthy amount of WD-style gore in there, but hopefully I captured a bit of the mystery (and twisted beauty) involved with her sudden heroic introduction.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be getting any of these for myself; due to the agreements with AMC there will be no artists' editions allowed. This means if you want to purchase any of the Walking Dead show prints you'll have to do it either at the gallery or when HCG has the online sale sometime tomorrow (10/12). Just watch their site, twitter etc. to find out when the sale is going live...

I'll talk to you again soon- I'm DEFINITELY going to have "The Desert Sands" onsale sometime next week, and also will be able to debut the new art print as well. Until then... fear the dead...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quick updates...

Hey everyone- sorry for the lack of updates the past couple of weeks, I'm juggling too much  and feeling the strain a bit, but there is light up ahead...

Many of you have heard I'll have a piece in AMC's Walking Dead show at HCG Gallery in LA- the show opens next week, and is timed to promote the upcoming Season 4 premiere. I promise to fill you in on the details of all of that as soon as the veil of silence is lifted... my hands got a bit bloody on this one.

For Nature Guild members and those waiting for "The Desert Sands" onsale: the nice custom stock we were waiting on is finally in! Things are happening and now can finally think about the onsale. I'll let you all know the exact time/date ASAP... definitely sometime next week. Guild members: I'll be updating you guys very soon with sub shipment details.

On a related note: There's a handful of you still waiting for tubes, and very happy to report the last pending domestic orders have left the building; the remaining overseas stuff will follow by the weekend. Also, after a few false starts it looks like I'll (finally)have some shipping help going forward; this will hopefully free me up to get caught up on actual illustration and sub releases, while also getting orders out the door faster.

Lots of other projects in the works, commercial and otherwise...everything seems to come to a head and get crazy at the same time. It all makes me a bit mad, and the scary thing is I've started to like it.

I'll talk to you soon-JC