Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick shipping updates and some project news

Hello my friends- I wanted to share a quick update on the shipping on 'The Last Rebel' prints, and other random happenings at MCM HQ--

I've been anxious to start shipping "THE LAST REBEL' but of course they were misrouted and have taken their sweet time getting here... I've subdued my rage, and have now been assured they'll be in my hands by the end of the week; they'll immediately start shipping upon arrival. Thanks so for your patience; once I get all these shipped I can finally do the next art print release.

In other news: I've recently completed three new licensed screenprints- one for the Mondo Disney show (most screens I've ever used), a second for a video game title (in collaboration with iam8bit), and the third for a small series curated by one of my favorite artists, Arik Roper.. he's wrangled some unbeliveable talent from around the world for the series, can't wait to share more on that one in particular.

But that stuff is already in the can- looking forward, there's a few Mondo things (one being another one of those bucket list projects that's allow me to play in a world I never thought I'd get to visit), and more offical movie stuff for some other folks. As always, wish I could share more but I'd get in big trouble quick-
Finally, hope to start work on a private commission when I get a spare moment, a fun one but most likely the only one I'll be able to do this year.

Hope everything out there is going well with you all; I don't always get a chance to share as often as I'd like but I'm trying to change that as get some help here at the studio-  as always, if you have any questions about your specific order just want to say hi feel free to send me an email-
stay safe out there-JC