Friday, April 10, 2015

THE IMPOSSIBLE- New screenprint

Hello my friends-Welcome to the onsale.. just click on the ADD TO CART buttons to purchase.
EDIT: All sold out, thanks so much everyone!

Update 5/4: Grrr.. still waiting on the prints. The carrier just informed me they're now re-scheduled to get to the studio Wed. 5/6, at which point I'll start shipping like the wind. Sorry for the delay guys, any questions about your individual order let me know.-JC

Update 4/28: FYI printing on THE IMPOSSIBLE prints just finished up (few days later than Id hoped)-- just waiting for them to get back to the studio so I can start shipping end of this week.

THE IMPOSSIBLE (Empire Strikes Back)
36"x12" screenprint- edition of 150

**out of stock**

 *Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New screen print "The Impossible" - on sale 4/10

36"x12" screenprint- edition of 150 - $40
On sale Friday, April 10 at 2 PM EST.

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Come back here on Friday and I'll make a new blog post right at sale time with all the purchase info, buy buttons etc.

Why Dagobah? These are the scenes I always come back to when thinking about the original trilogy. "Try not. Do... or do not." This is Star Wars to me--no midiclorians, no voodoo, no dogmatic bullshit; it's just a teacher trying to get his student to remove himself as the obstacle to success, to tap into his true potential and manifest a power he doesn't even realize he has.

Even now as I watch ESB and listen to Yoda speak about the Force, I believe in it all over again... that its energy surrounds us, binds us.. that luminous beings are we, not only this crude matter.. for my ally is the Force..and a powerful ally it is.  -JC