Monday, October 21, 2013

A quick one...

Hey guys- A quick FYI for the Guild members, and those waiting on "The Desert Sands" onsale to happen..

The subscription tubes are just waiting on 'Desert Sands' to come in... the printer ran into additional delays completely unrelated to the actual printing, and this is after the custom stock already took longer than usual to come in. All frustrating to be sure, but I've been assured everything is back on track..
I'm terribly anxious to get these these out, and hope to start shipping end of this week. The new guild print is done (next 2 actually) but have to hold off on those until we clear the backup

On another stupidly vague note- look for an update sooooon about a new thing I just finished up for something else; should be a nice one for the season, I know some of you will like it...

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