Friday, September 12, 2014

New print pre-sale is on...

Hello friends-Welcome to the pre-sale! Just click the buy now button to purchase:

"The Map Room"
36"x12"- 8 color (edt. 200)- out of stock*

Thanks for the purchases everyone-- all the remaining prints will be at MondoCon. Hope to see some you there.. may have a few surprises as well.-JC

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New print for MondoCon; limited pre-sale tomorrow 9/12 at 3EST

Hey everyone- MondoCon is just over a week away and I'm getting everything ready to head down to Austin-- including a new themed art print for the con!

Anyone that knows me knows I worship Raiders. I've often lamented that I couldn't visit large recreations of the sets, walk inside and take pictures like a tourist. The environments were so perfect, but the film moves so quickly you barely get a chance to look around--  it sometimes seems like a great gallery where you wanted to stay for hours but are hastily ushered out the door before you were done ruminating on the beauty around you. This series seemed the best way to spend more time within those environments... until the Mouse builds an Indy theme park at least.

Where would we start the tour? The Map Room of course.

I'll have these prints at my booth at MondoCon (that's just a cropped tease above), but because I've had so many requests from just the twitter tease I'm also going to do a limited pre-sale for those that can't make it down to Austin. 

The pre-sale will be tomorrow, Friday Sept. 12 at 3EST.  Just come back here to the site and I'll make a new post at 3 with the full image preview, purchase buttons, print info etc. Don't be late!

Thursday, September 4, 2014