Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some new art print teases, and a personal note...

Hello friends- It's been too long since the last update! Hope you all have been well-- I've been stuck in my Hobbit hole drawing away for a bunch of new releases.

First up- I have 3 Mondo posters in progress; 2 are in production and one is already approved and waiting for a drop date (ok I lied I know already but can't say!). Also, I'll be making a trip down south soon to meet up with some friends.. hopefully I'll be able to announce those plans in the next few days. I'm also just finishing up a 4th licensed movie print for a new company, for one of my favorite films of the year.

What else? A themed art print for the 'Mythos' series curated by Arik Roper titled "The Symplegades" (mine's on the left on the gallery Jason and the Argonauts if you don't know what the Clashing Rocks are!). I should have details about the North America sales of this one soon, I think they're only shipping in Asia at the moment? I'll find out and edit this.

More? The new Nature Guild art print is ready to go, and this one is a bit different...  I used a 40 yr old screenprint from one of my favorite artists as a starting point and then imagined what could have been surrounding that slice of environment, just off the page....not in the real world, but in the artist's mind... maybe it'll turn into a series. I was planning the sale later this week, although real life may thwart my plans (see below)

Anything left? Speaking of series: I'm planning to publish 2 new movie-themed art prints myself in the next few months: one the first in a 3 parter, the other is a dyptych that melds two different-but-same things. I hope that's confusing.

I'll update again this week--  feels good to be back. And as always, thanks for listening-- JC