Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Beyond the Pass" Art Print Onsale

Hello friends- thanks for coming by today for the art print sale today; planning do this each month around the 15th, feels good to get going...

This month's print is a trip back up into the mountains. A journey back home? A pilgrammage to attain knowledge? Or just simply a chance encounter? We can ponder the circumstance, or just enjoy the view (it's more of a "enjoy the view" day IMO!)

To purchase, just click on the BUY button below. 

 "Beyond the Pass" - 36" x 12" 6-color screen print  $40; ed. 175

Note: Please note that this is a presale- prints will ship in 2-4 weeks. Any questions plesae let me know; I'll keep everyone updated on status of course-


Many of you have inquired about the G1988 stuff as well as the Game of Thrones print- I plan to put up the G1988 APs next week, and I'll post more about the GOT print this weekend, sub holders get first crack at the APs.

Thanks again for all the support and interest, I couldn't do any of this without your kind patronage.


Monday, April 15, 2013

A new one- "Beyond The Pass"

Hello my friends- Thanks for waiting for me today. Lots going on, but let's just get to the art. So happy to finally debut this month's art print (and first Guild release); I needed a journey back into the mountains...been far too long...

Titled "Beyond the Pass", this one is a 36"x12" 6-color screenprint. I do hope to live there one day.

The print will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday, April 16th) at 3PM EST. Just come back to the blog here and I'll make a new post with BUY buttons and instructions.

Thanks all for listening- hope to see some of you back here tomorrow!

One for you, nineteen for me...

Hello my friends-

Hope you've all been doing well, it's been too long since we've talked. Between lots of commercial work, prepping for misc. shows and preparing/getting over taxes, it's been crazy over here at microcosmicmedia HQ.. but relief is in sight...

At least I've been having a bit of fun- just completed work on the newest art print (and the first of the Nature Guild subscription!).  Due to a bit of unexpected travel this morning, I'll reveal the print sometime later this afternoon.
After the reveal, the print will go up for general sale tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th at 3pm EST.

See you all this afternoon! -JC