Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New print for Mondo - "The Bat Cave"

Hello friends-

Many of you have seen this one already, but I can finally post it here. Worked with my friends at Mondo to create their latest DC-licensed print titled "The Batcave." The print will go on sale at the Mondotees site on Thursday, August 30 at a random time.

Since it's never a good idea to try to explain away artistic choices, of course I wrote a long-winded blurb doing just that for the Mondo blog.

Here's the intro:
Any time you are assigned the task of reinterpreting an iconic setting with a long established history, it can be intimidating. You begin knowing how passionate fans are about the universe, and that many of them have their own definitive idea of what the Batcave looks like.
Do you hew closely to the established comic/tv/movie canon, or take some chances to create something new? Do you keep it a clinical, cross-section rendering, or attempt to go deeper and tell some kind of narrative within the scene? For our take on the Batcave, we decided on another option: trying all of the above...
 It goes on like that for a while, so if you can stand to read the entire thing head over to the Mondo blog.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Madness of an architect...

Sitting here for an hour trying to write something useful about an impending print release. Much easier to draw 'em than explain 'em.

Basically it will be the tale of how we attempt to tell an iconic, complex narrative in 2 screenprinted panels, only changing minor staging between the two... astoundingly, I think it worked out.

More to come soon.-JC

Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick shipping news

Hey all- wanted to let anyone still waiting on an order that I ran into a tube issue- the issue being a large tube shipment arrived waterlogged and unusable.

Finally got my replacement shipment in so I can get the last batch out in the next few days, sans soakage...any questions about your individual order, please feel free to shoot me a mail-JC

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy 4 Cult NYC tonight!

Hello friends-

Just a heads up for all those in the area... Gallery1988's Pop Up gallery for Crazy 4 Cult NYC is opening tonight!

UPDATE: All the artwork from the show is available here at G88's site.

I visited the space just yesterday and was blown away by the quality of work in this show.I ended up doing a 1/1 instead of a screenprint for this one, from a long forgotten mainstream movie so widely panned it ended up turning 'cult'.

Hope some of you can make it down, it's gonna be a special one.-JC