Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mondo Lord of the Rings art print set- AP sale details

Hey my copies of the Mondo Lord of the Rings SDCC prints have arrived! Yep. The sets sold out in San Diego but I'll be putting my small AP batch for sale here on the blog sometime this afternoon EST (Thursday the 26th.).

I will also also try to get my s/n AP copies of Dragonslayer up for sale as the same time, as some LOTR fans may be interested in that one as well.

Where to go at sale time?

At the sale time I'll make a new blog post complete with 'ADD to CART' paypal buttons. It's important to note that you can't just refresh this post or you won't see it pop up. Instead, watch/refresh the main blog page to see new posts when they go live.

 I'm going to keep the exact sale time random because I using paypal buttons for the sale and have very few sets available. Unfortunately it's the only practical way to avoid purchase button overload (ie large oversells). And I really loathe writing refund emails.. a lot.

I'll try to add more closeup shots to this post before the sale happens, in case some of you haven't seen the actual printed matter yet (D&L did a killer job of course).
Hope to see some of you back here this afternoon.

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