Saturday, July 14, 2012

New prints for Mondo - Lord of the Rings Trilogy Art Print set

Thank Tolkien, it's finally Comic Con Saturday! Can at last show you the Lord of the Rings Trilogy art print set I've been working on for Mondo. Such an honor to be able to work on these, as I have such a love for the books and the films (all of 'em!)

The color breakdown of the individual prints is: Fellowship of the Ring- 9 colors; Two Towers- 8 colors; Return of the King- 9 colors. All printed by D&L Screenprinting.
Hopefully I'll be able to post some detail shots soon, been sorta a crazy day... EDIT here are a few nicely washed out ones-

 cheers everyone.-JC


dylansdad said...

They really do look nice. Congratulations on getting to do these, and please let us know if and when you'll have some to sell online. Thanks!

Vedderman23 said...

Awesome set, any chance of an online drop of some APs?

brainofkjf said...

As usual, there's so much to see in the little nuances of your work JC. Hope we get an online drop!

engineer | sterle said...

Really great work! any chance of putting a print up for sale?