Sunday, July 10, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

SON OF KRYPTON - Onsale is on...

Hello my friends- Welcome to the "SON OF KRYPTON" (Solitude #2) onsale. Just click the ADD TO CART button below to purchase.

UPDATE 6.2.2016 - After an epic mis-routing trip around the country, the Krypton prints have finally arrived... we're shipping like madmen and all orders should be shipped out by Monday.
Any questions about your individual order just shoot me a mssg. -JC

36x12 Screen print - signed/numbered LE xx/200
**out of stock**

-Please allow 4-6 weeks for fulfillment; shipping updates post on
-Final Screen print image may differ slightly from digital preview
-As always, if you have any problems with an order just shoot me a message.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Son of Krypton" - New screenprint on sale 4/15 at 2PM EST

Hello friends-  We're headed north this week, back to where it all begins...

"Son of Krypton" (Solitude #2)
36"x12" Screen print
S/N - xx/200

WHEN: On sale Friday, April 15 at 2PM EST

WHERE: Come back here at 2PM EST and I'll make a new post with purchase buttons/info.

All I remember is stumbling back to the studio in a kind of mild fury, resentful of the way this film had treated my beloved hero. So I did as I often do, sought solace in the past- threw in the 1978 movie and filled my thoughts with Reeve, Ford, Brando, data crystals and classic suit colors.

Watching Superman the Movie for the 500th time, I was again inspired by Jor-El’s sacrifice and lessons, by Pa Kent’s quiet wisdom, by Clark’s extreme kindness even when faced with personal suffering and fear. Over the course of those 2 hours everything else fell away, and Superman became a hero again.

Thanks to Germain Lussier and Io9 for the reveal.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The (Late) Holiday Sale '15 - It's coming...

"Hey JC, are you gonna open the store up for the Holidays like last year?" In the spirit of the season, I’ve procrastinated long enough... now let’s do this thing.

The sale IS live here-- NEW STORE-- and will go until this Friday the 18th at Midnight.

The fun part:  I'll be doing giveaways each day until Friday 12/18. Anyone making a purchase during the sale will have their name automatically entered into the giveaways. After the sale closes on Fri, we'll do the final giveaway: my last personal AP of the Mondo JURASSIC PARK art print. The daily prizes could include an original sketch, vinyl package or prints from the archive.

WHERE? Come back here to the main blog page at at sale time, and I'll post the link to the new store.

WHAT? I’ll be putting up some rare and sold out APs & art prints from my personal stash, JP OST vinyl variants, maybe some sketches as well as some misc. pulls from the flatfile.

*UPDATE  12/16 - Just updated the store with Pretty Things Float and Sinful Windborne Keyline variant; also, the daily giveaway will be drawn at 4 EST today

There's no discount code required--just going to blow everything out with some special holiday pricing (exceptions would be if I'm down to my last copy etc.)

For those that have inquired about those Disney Handbills done for the D23 Expo in August -yes, I have a few dozen signed sets will be included free with orders while they last. We'll make sure every Holiday Sale tube will have something extra included as a 'thanks' for your kind patronage this year.

You can follow me on twitter @microcosmcmedia for updates regarding all the Giveaways. Lastly, all orders made before 12/18 will be shipped priority mail and should arrive before Christmas.

Any questions let me know- hope to see you all tomorrow for the start of the sale--JC

Friday, September 18, 2015

CINDERELLA (65th Anniversary) and PAPERMAN - Disney Licensed screenprints onsale today

Was honored to do a new licensed screenprint for the animated Disney classic "Cinderella". Published by Cyclops Print Works (available here)

12"x36" - 18 color screenprint.

Also going up today is the first licensed print for the Disney short 'Paperman". This one debuted in August at D23, and is also available at the Cyclops Print Works site. 16"x24" 5 color screenprint

"Well of Souls" - New Raiders licensed screenprint for Bottleneck/ACME Archives

12"x36" - 8 Screens (w/ metallics)
S/N edition of 225

Main edition - SOLD OUT
Artist proofs - available soon.