Wednesday, April 9, 2014

THE FOREST SENTRIES - new screenprint

 Hello my friends- Here's the new one- a scene from the deep dark forest of Endor. If you look closely, you'll see some of the natives peering out from the shadows, as the shield generator looms in the distance..

THE FOREST SENTRIES - 18x24  screenprint; 10-color, ed. 200 -***out of stock**

Any problems /issues with my rudimentary system, don't panic! just shoot me a message and we'll work it out

(Please note screenprinted image may appear slightly different than digital preview. Also, please allow at least 4 weeks for shipping)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Release - JOURNEY art print for SCEA & iam8bit

Hello friends!  Just a quick update to let you know about a new art print I recently completed for the incredible Sony PS game JOURNEY.

 The pre-sale is live  through iam8bit's webstore . It's a 7-color screenprint, limited to 200 and licensed by SCEA. If you've never heard of the game Journey, I highly encourage you to seek this one out, even if you don't play games often. Not only are the visuals jaw-dropping, but the gameplay doesn't follow typical patterns or cliches; instead, it unfolds more like a dream. I won't waste your time trying to explain it, as it's much better that you discover Journey on your own...

Regarding APs: Since I'm only getting a few artist copies for this release, the iam8bit store will most likely be the only place you purchase this one, sorry!

Other random print release news: New art print will to go up for sale early next week... I've been lurking in the shadows of a dark forest moon for this one.

Thanks all for listening-hope to see you back here early next week! Best-JC

Friday, March 7, 2014

New print for the Mondo / Oh My Disney Show: PETER PAN

Hello friends- just wanted to say a quick hello and share my submission for Mondo's  "Nothing's Impossible" Disney gallery show, which is opening later today (Friday, March 7th) at 3PM CST in Austin, TX. It will run until next week as part of SXSW.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to tackle the classic 1953 "Peter Pan"- I'm sure you're familiar with it, so I'll just get to the print info-

Walt Disney Presents "PETER PAN"

36"x12" screen print on dark blue paper; 12 screens
Listed credits include the 4 (credited) directors, Walt Disney/Producer, and Barrie with a "based on" story credit

There's so many memorable, iconic scenes in Peter Pan, but since I wanted to keep it to one large scale landscape-based layout I chose the 'first flight' sequence, simply because it's what always stuck with me most as a child. It's Peter at his superhero best- soaring over London, invisible in the night sky..leading the way to a cosmic trip through a wormhole to a strange non-spherical floating homeworld (well, that's how I framed it as a child).

Anyway, I stuck pretty close to canon on this one-- you'll notice the 'pirate ship' moon, and the second star to the right.. but some may not notice that Big Ben reads two different times on the visible faces. The reason? In my mind's eye this flight takes place soon after the Darling children and Peter land on one of the the second hands, and if you remember this resets the time from 8:05 to 8:15.

And yes I should have a small amount of copies to offer sometime next week; my sub members get first shot and then I'll put up what remains in a public sale soon after that.

Hope everyone in Austin enjoys the show opening reception tomorrow... I'll be stuck here in MA working away on the next one, so take pics and send me some.

(re: Last Rebel shipping- I've been hauling tubes to the PO all week, and should have the last domestic batches out soon.. if you're waiting, sorry they took so long to go out ; after massive delays in printing, I've finally finished handdoing flames/fire on 200 prints ugh.. if you have a question about your order please shoot me an email)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick shipping updates and some project news

Hello my friends- I wanted to share a quick update on the shipping on 'The Last Rebel' prints, and other random happenings at MCM HQ--

I've been anxious to start shipping "THE LAST REBEL' but of course they were misrouted and have taken their sweet time getting here... I've subdued my rage, and have now been assured they'll be in my hands by the end of the week; they'll immediately start shipping upon arrival. Thanks so for your patience; once I get all these shipped I can finally do the next art print release.

In other news: I've recently completed three new licensed screenprints- one for the Mondo Disney show (most screens I've ever used), a second for a video game title (in collaboration with iam8bit), and the third for a small series curated by one of my favorite artists, Arik Roper.. he's wrangled some unbeliveable talent from around the world for the series, can't wait to share more on that one in particular.

But that stuff is already in the can- looking forward, there's a few Mondo things (one being another one of those bucket list projects that's allow me to play in a world I never thought I'd get to visit), and more offical movie stuff for some other folks. As always, wish I could share more but I'd get in big trouble quick-
Finally, hope to start work on a private commission when I get a spare moment, a fun one but most likely the only one I'll be able to do this year.

Hope everything out there is going well with you all; I don't always get a chance to share as often as I'd like but I'm trying to change that as get some help here at the studio-  as always, if you have any questions about your specific order just want to say hi feel free to send me an email-
stay safe out there-JC

Friday, January 17, 2014

THE LAST REBEL - New art print onsale is on!

UPDATE: All gone, thanks so much everyone

36"x12" screenprint

***out of stock**

(note: screenprinted image may appear slightly different than digital preview. Also, please allow at least 4 weeks for shipping)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

UPDATE- Onsale time change.. aka Murphy's Law Strikes Back!

Hello everybody-Looks like I'm going to have to postpone the new art print sale for 24 hours due to the entire power grid going down at the studio, at the most inconvenient time possible. Unfortunately I can't administer the sale on my phone, need my workstation for all the preview images, code etc..

Because I know many of you have moved around/changed schedules to make the sale, to accomodate you I'll put up a 'blind purchase' button in this post with the (previously posted) tiny preview jpg today at 3PM.
UPDATE 3:15- That's it for the preview sale.. . thanks so much everyone, had to take it down so we have something left for tomorrow! I'll put up the remaining stock at 3EST- cant wait to show you guys the whole scene...

I'll make an "official" sale page with all the final image/detail shots at the rescheduled onsale time of 3PM EST tomorrow, Friday 1/17

Again my humble apologies for the change in plans, it looks like Murphy's Law has struck back and won this round! Hopefully I will see you back here tomorrow at 3 EST - JC

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Art Print sale news, 'Pretty Things Float' APs, more project news...

Hello friends- Everyone made it through the holiday gauntlet in one piece? Good, let's get right to it.. I'm gearing up to get the monthly art print releases back up and running over here, it's been too long.

The new art print will drop this Thursday, Jan 16 @ 3:00PM EST. Actually, the next 2 Guild art prints are done! One is a continuation of an unofficial 'series', and the other harkens back to some older coastal nature scenes. Still deciding which one to release first... I feel a coin flip coming...

FYI If you haven't purchased before-- just visit the blog here on Thursday. I'll make a new post at the appointed sale time, complete with print details and purchase options. 

In other sale news, the Mondo "Pretty Things Float" APs have arrived, and I've been busy hand-finishing the lot of 'em.  Because of the origins of this image, I took the opportunity to add a few misc. subtle details by hand from the original piece that just weren't possible to translate through a screen. Each one becomes it's own little OG, which is nice  (FYI: I'm going to offer these to my subscription members first, and if there are any remaining I'll put them up later on in the week.)

Other Project News:
- Recently finished up 2 new Mondo things you should see in next few months, and also have a few addtl. licensed movie-related projects for other clients in progress.
- Just received corporate approval to go forward with an official art print for one of my favorite game titles. -There's a private commission waiting in the wings as well, hopefully I can start on that next month.
- Last but not least, I was asked by one of my favorite artists to be a part of a small group art series thing in February--this one is going to be fun, can't wait to share..

Per usual, I'll spill all the juicy details as soon as I'm able! Hope to see some of you back here on Thursday afternoon for the sale -JC