Friday, September 12, 2014

New print pre-sale is on...

Hello friends-Welcome to the pre-sale! Just click the buy now button to purchase:

"The Map Room"
36"x12"- 8 color (edt. 200)- out of stock*

Thanks for the purchases everyone-- all the remaining prints will be at MondoCon. Hope to see some you there.. may have a few surprises as well.-JC

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New print for MondoCon; limited pre-sale tomorrow 9/12 at 3EST

Hey everyone- MondoCon is just over a week away and I'm getting everything ready to head down to Austin-- including a new themed art print for the con!

Anyone that knows me knows I worship Raiders. I've often lamented that I couldn't visit large recreations of the sets, walk inside and take pictures like a tourist. The environments were so perfect, but the film moves so quickly you barely get a chance to look around--  it sometimes seems like a great gallery where you wanted to stay for hours but are hastily ushered out the door before you were done ruminating on the beauty around you. This series seemed the best way to spend more time within those environments... until the Mouse builds an Indy theme park at least.

Where would we start the tour? The Map Room of course.

I'll have these prints at my booth at MondoCon (that's just a cropped tease above), but because I've had so many requests from just the twitter tease I'm also going to do a limited pre-sale for those that can't make it down to Austin. 

The pre-sale will be tomorrow, Friday Sept. 12 at 3EST.  Just come back here to the site and I'll make a new post at 3 with the full image preview, purchase buttons, print info etc. Don't be late!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some new art print teases, and a personal note...

Hello friends- It's been too long since the last update! Hope you all have been well-- I've been stuck in my Hobbit hole drawing away for a bunch of new releases.

First up- I have 3 Mondo posters in progress; 2 are in production and one is already approved and waiting for a drop date (ok I lied I know already but can't say!). Also, I'll be making a trip down south soon to meet up with some friends.. hopefully I'll be able to announce those plans in the next few days. I'm also just finishing up a 4th licensed movie print for a new company, for one of my favorite films of the year.

What else? A themed art print for the 'Mythos' series curated by Arik Roper titled "The Symplegades" (mine's on the left on the gallery Jason and the Argonauts if you don't know what the Clashing Rocks are!). I should have details about the North America sales of this one soon, I think they're only shipping in Asia at the moment? I'll find out and edit this.

More? The new Nature Guild art print is ready to go, and this one is a bit different...  I used a 40 yr old screenprint from one of my favorite artists as a starting point and then imagined what could have been surrounding that slice of environment, just off the page....not in the real world, but in the artist's mind... maybe it'll turn into a series. I was planning the sale later this week, although real life may thwart my plans (see below)

Anything left? Speaking of series: I'm planning to publish 2 new movie-themed art prints myself in the next few months: one the first in a 3 parter, the other is a dyptych that melds two different-but-same things. I hope that's confusing.

And lastly, but definitely not least:  I rarely assume it's my place to bore you with personal issues, but if you've been trying to reach me recently (or are waiting for something), I ask for a bit of extra patience as I may be intermittently out of contact while real life takes over...

Sadly, my best friend is having a very rough time health-wise and may be leaving us soon; best damn dog in the world, he sat under my feet for the past 14 years, loyal and patient.  I found him in a shelter cage soaking himself in his water dish, the last tiny pup in the litter; he was left all alone, with flea bites all over his body from spending the first few weeks of life out in the wilds of the Southwest. They guessed he'd grow to be about 40lbs, but he quickly grew into an 90 lb. true Alpha, a majestic Shepherd mix that no doubt would commanded his own pack if he was allowed to gather them. Raising him and watching him flourish has absolutely taught me to be a better person, as well as a better father when the time came.

He's had a tough few weeks- we all have-  and saying goodbye is never easy, but we're trying to give him the care he needs while making sure he's comfortable, happy and aware that he's loved in what seems his final days. It's messing me up pretty good. I hope you understand... I'll try to let you guys know what's happening soon.

I'll update again this week--  feels good to be back. And as always, thanks for listening-- JC

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The pre-summer ONSALE is on!

Hello my friends-welcome to onsale! Just click on the paypal button below to purchase (FYI code went a bit screwy- buy buttons are below each thumbnail)

RISING TO SLEEP - (Nature Guild #8)- S/N xx/50; 18x24 screenprint; 5-color (1 fade) - $35 - OUT OF STOCK

 *will ship in 3-4 weeks

JOURNEY s/n AP -xx/33 6-color screenprint 36"x11" $95 - OUT OF STOCK

PETER PAN (for MONDO)  S/N AP - 12-color screenprint - 36"x12"- $75 - OUT OF STOCK

THE FOREST SENTRIES - 18x24  screenprint; 10-color, $45- OUT OF STOCK

PROMETHEUS for Mondo/SDCC'13- AP -S/N xx/33 6-color screenprint 36"x12" $75 - OUT OF STOCK

JUNGLE RUNNER (inspired by Pitfall)- AP for iam8bit Art Show S/N xx/22, 27"x10" giclee $40- OUT OF STOCK

“WE KEEP WATCH” - 28″ x 12″, 10-color screenprint $25 - OUT OF STOCK

DRAGONSLAYER poster for Mondo - AP
S/N 6-color screenprint - 24"x36" - $65- OUT OF STOCK

THE BATCAVE (before) Variant for Sideshow Collectibles

S/N 9-color screenprint - 29"x20" - $75 - OUT OF STOCK


"The Three Voices" 18"x24", 9-color screen print

S/N - $40 -

REMEMBER- If anything goes weird or you run into an issue, just shoot me an email and we'll work it out.

Thanks again everyone for all the support!-JC


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AP SALE TOMORROW! Journey, SW sets, and a new Nature Guild print (plus some assort. archive goodies)

Hello friends-
Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be having an ONSALE tomorrow, Thursday 6/19 at 3PM EST.

I'lll be putting up JOURNEY APs, a few Archive APs (including a couple of Star Wars trilogy sets)  and some that I've never put up publicly... and last but not least I'll debut the new NATURE GUILD art print for those who have been waiting so patiently... back to the shoreline for this one..

How do you purchase? Just come back here to the blog tomorrow just refresh the page at 3PM EST;  I'll make a new post at sale time with all the purchase buttons, images etc. so you can shop.  Since I have very small numbers of APs, I'll do my best to  prevent overselling but may not be possible-if that happens I'll let everyone know ASAP.   I have very few of the Journey prints and other APs so don't be late!

Hope to see some of you back here Thursday at 3PM -JC

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New work for Mondo: JURASSIC PARK OST Vinyl releases on sale June 11th (today!)

Hey all- 2nd post today!  Want to let you know Mondo just dropped their latest soundtrack offering, and I was honored to do one of the covers!

The JURASSIC PARK OST Vinyl LP releases just went on sale at Mondo- head on over to the website to purchase and learn more details..

Next up... JOURNEY / AP sale news!