Monday, April 2, 2012

Calm before the storm...

Hello friends,
Just wanted to say hello, and answer a few common questions I've been getting-

- Yes, we're alive.
- Yes, more releases coming (very soon I'm told).
- Yes, the next microcosmicmedia art print is nearly done, coming in May.
- Yes, may offer a small subscription in the summer- planning on releasing a bunch of art prints during the second half of the year, but don't worry about it yet.. I'll make all the info public asap when I figure it out.
- Yes, I pinch myself daily when ruminating on the coolness of the projects I've been working on.. not a metaphor btw, I seriously leave marks...

As frustrating as it is to have to wait to share previews/info, someone reminded me recently that it always takes much longer to do things the 'official' way.. hopefully some people still care about that stuff (anyone?). Thanks all for hanging in there with me.. as soon as I possibly can, I'll spill all you need to know about the next release.

I'll leave you with a few pics of interesting LPs, found in a box thought lost long ago... some real gems in there, wanted to share a few of the more bizarre/cool/unexpected ones...

No, didn't buy these at time of release! I hope (most of) you know who these guys are.

I wonder if the 'avid fan' got tickets?

As a child, couldn't figure out why they sounded a little 'off'!

The actual set that started my fascination with illustration...

Just one of the (large!) vibrant panels inside...

Who took my #*$% Fair Warning? (VHII I don't mind as much..)

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