Friday, April 13, 2012

New Print- "The Dark Lines"

Hello again my friends-

My piece for the Gallery 1988 Hitchcock show is an homage to one of the most chilling moments A.H. ever put on film, from the 1945 psychological thriller 'Spellbound'.

Gregory Peck's stance and hand position in this reveal always struck me as weirdly unnatural and creepy; that one shot perfectly shifted the tone as the story morphs from a romantic lark into a bizarre 'journey of the mind'. Ingrid Bergman lies just out of frame and seems destined to have bad things happen to her; Hitchcock highlights Peck  and his murderous (or is it confused?) stare as he looms over the bed, razor glinting in moonlight pouring through the windows.

If you haven't seen 'Spellbound', I recommend it... it even has a dream sequence partly designed by Salvador Dali, which is sort of amazing even if it wasn't in a Hitchock story.

 "The Dark Lines" 16x20, giclee edition of 20

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