Monday, December 6, 2010

Some onsale news, and a look at the new print...

As promised, here's a look at the new print, titled "Sleeping In Light":

This image was created to make good on a promise made long ago to fill a specific spot on a friend's wall inside a tiny cabin, sitting on a remote lake much like this one. My thoughts of the place are most often of the late Autumn mornings on the water, when silence and loneliness seem to invade the valley. Even the stubborn oaks have finally been stripped bare by the wind, the pines have thinned, and the hard frost begins to take hold. The entire world seems on the edge of sleep, just waiting for the ice to come glaze everything over.

Although I prefer to post pics of the actual print, I've already made some of you patient souls wait far too long to get a look (minor elements/colors may change a bit during printing).
I'll make a loud announcement when it'll be available, and post a photo of the actual print asap

The second bit of news:

Onsale Time/Date Change!
Was going to try to do it Friday afternoon, but a scheduling hassle has thwarted my plans, so... I'll put paypal buttons back up for a 'Holiday' onsale this Monday, Dec. 13th at a random time (most likely in the afternoon EST.) I'm down to just a couple copies of Sea Monsters, so I may just do a lottery to avoid overselling.

*Please note I won't have the new print above for sale at this time ("Sleeping In Light" will be the first print of 2011), but I still wanted to give those who asked a chance to purchase remaining copies of the older prints.

There will be one 'newer' print available--the golf-themed "The Fewest Things" mini print (see header image), and maybe an uncut sheet as well.

Also of note:

Been b
usy getting everything ready for a more productive 2011. Currently the plan is to do at least one screen print per month next year, and I WILL get a mailing list up by the end of the month so I can keep everyone appraised of the new releases.

In related news:
To all who have asked about subscriptions:
still considering a few options on that front, I really want to be sure I can handle the production demands before I offer any 'print sub' options.

That's all for now... as always, thanks for listening.-JC

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