Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Onsale is at an end...

Update 12/20 - Thanks to everyone who ordered, closing the 'store' up to take stock.. should have at least some left over when the new one goes on sale in 2011.

*SHIPPING: 99% of orders have shipped- anything ordered late today I'll get out tomorrow, should still make it for the 24th.

Again, thanks for the support everyone-JC


chaseter said...

When is Sleeping in Light going to be available? That is an amazing print and would make a great Christmas present for myself next to The Case for Sea Monsters.

JC Richard said...

Thanks for those kind words, tried to get the new one done for the holidays but it just couldn't be squeezed into '09. Should be available right after the new year, of course I'll post details as soon as i can
Has a good amount of detail you can't make out in the preview so it will be nice to show it full glory. Cheers-JC