Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shipping FYI

**Shipping FYI: Anyone who is still waiting on an overseas shipment--a few have gone missing/are taking forever. I do have replacements held back, just awaiting confirmation that everyone has received what they paid for before the rest go up.

If you haven't received your tube in the next couple of weeks, shoot me an email and I'll check on your individual order. Thanks everyone.


Unknown said...


I am pumped to discover your work. DO you have a mailing list or something?
I would love to get a hold of your last prints if you find them becoming available.

JC Richard said...

Hi Bob, thanks for stopping by- mailing list coming, though anyone is welcome to email me their address with "MAILING LIST" in there somewhere and I'll add yours as soon as it's live

RE: Sales, etc: there will be at least one onsale before the holidays, hopefully with more than one new print.. should have a few of the older ones available as well. I'll be sure to announce the date here and through the usual channels a few days in advance.

Hmm.. this info should probably get its own post, so please forgive the repetition to come!