Monday, April 28, 2014

"Sentries" shipping update, random project news..

Hello friends-

FOREST SENTRIES shipping update (5/20) - 
Shipping the last batch of Sentries orders out this week so if you're still waiting it'll be on it's way within the next couple days. Also, JOURNEY APs should be here any day; will let everyone know as soon as they arrive.-JC

Wanted to share a quick update on "The Forest Sentries"--printers are just finishing up, should have 'em back here in a few days. I'll quickly sign/number and tubes should start shipping by the weekend.

Also, many people (well, at least a dozen) have asked me if  'Sentries' marks the end of the series, or if there's plans to do something from the prequels- quick answer is 'no' to both.

(Here's a small tease of something else entirely)

Other current projects include a few Mondo things, the next Guild art print (which will debut as soon as I complete Sentries shipping next week), and a few other licensed movie poster things for some other guys. As always sorry for the vagueness- promise to share more when I get the OK! -JC

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Mush said...

Hi JC, have all the Sentries prints been shipped now? Eagerly awaiting the postman in the UK!