Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Release - JOURNEY art print for SCEA & iam8bit

Hello friends!  Just a quick update to let you know about a new art print I recently completed for the incredible Sony PS game JOURNEY.

 The pre-sale is live  through iam8bit's webstore . It's a 7-color screenprint, limited to 200 and licensed by SCEA. If you've never heard of the game Journey, I highly encourage you to seek this one out, even if you don't play games often. Not only are the visuals jaw-dropping, but the gameplay doesn't follow typical patterns or cliches; instead, it unfolds more like a dream. I won't waste your time trying to explain it, as it's much better that you discover Journey on your own...

Regarding APs: Since I'm only getting a few artist copies for this release, the iam8bit store will most likely be the only place you purchase this one, sorry!

Other random print release news: New art print will to go up for sale early next week... I've been lurking in the shadows of a dark forest moon for this one.

Thanks all for listening-hope to see you back here early next week! Best-JC

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