Friday, March 7, 2014

New print for the Mondo / Oh My Disney Show: PETER PAN

Hello friends- just wanted to say a quick hello and share my submission for Mondo's  "Nothing's Impossible" Disney gallery show, which is opening later today (Friday, March 7th) at 3PM CST in Austin, TX. It will run until next week as part of SXSW.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to tackle the classic 1953 "Peter Pan"- I'm sure you're familiar with it, so I'll just get to the print info-

Walt Disney Presents "PETER PAN"

36"x12" screen print on dark blue paper; 12 screens
Listed credits include the 4 (credited) directors, Walt Disney/Producer, and Barrie with a "based on" story credit

There's so many memorable, iconic scenes in Peter Pan, but since I wanted to keep it to one large scale landscape-based layout I chose the 'first flight' sequence, simply because it's what always stuck with me most as a child. It's Peter at his superhero best- soaring over London, invisible in the night sky..leading the way to a cosmic trip through a wormhole to a strange non-spherical floating homeworld (well, that's how I framed it as a child).

Anyway, I stuck pretty close to canon on this one-- you'll notice the 'pirate ship' moon, and the second star to the right.. but some may not notice that Big Ben reads two different times on the visible faces. The reason? In my mind's eye this flight takes place soon after the Darling children and Peter land on one of the the second hands, and if you remember this resets the time from 8:05 to 8:15.

And yes I should have a small amount of copies to offer sometime next week; my sub members get first shot and then I'll put up what remains in a public sale soon after that.

Hope everyone in Austin enjoys the show opening reception tomorrow... I'll be stuck here in MA working away on the next one, so take pics and send me some.

(re: Last Rebel shipping- I've been hauling tubes to the PO all week, and should have the last domestic batches out soon.. if you're waiting, sorry they took so long to go out ; after massive delays in printing, I've finally finished handdoing flames/fire on 200 prints ugh.. if you have a question about your order please shoot me an email)

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Jeremy Lipsey said...

JC what an amazing print, I'm hoping I can get one for my 13 year old daughter who just loves Peter Pan. You really captured the movie so well that both my wife and I said one of the best and our daughter needs it. Hope I can score one.