Friday, August 30, 2013

PROMETHEUS APs, HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY plus more.. the onsale is ON

Hello friends- Greetings, thanks for stopping by the onsale today, it's been too long. Just click on the ADD TO CART buttons below to purchase.

HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY - Art print ; S/N xx/75 5-color screenprint - 8"x25" - $25

**out of stock**

PROMETHEUS for Mondo/SDCC'13- AP; S/N xx/33 6-color screenprint-36"x12" $75

**out of stock**


batmanofbaylor said...

oh my god, i can't believe i missed the batcave print again. completely forgot at work! you wouldn't happen to have another "after" would you?

JC Richard said...

Batmanofbaylor, shoot me an email-JC

batmanofbaylor said...

emailed, thanks!

Unknown said...

I missed the Prometheus one again, poo. Any extras?