Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shipping updates and misc. news

Hello all-just a quick update on those waiting on JP and Fortress orders-

First batch shipped end of last week, but majority are shipping today and tomorrow. Sorry for the delay- usually like to get domestic orders earlier but a badly timed flu last week messed with my schedule (didn't want to ship you a nice virus with your print!). Regardless of what batch your print shipped in, if you're in the US you should have your print by week's end.

Other print/illustration news:
-Working on the biggest print (literally) I've ever done- this image will be unique in more ways than one.. playing in a world I never thought I'd get to visit
-Also just (finally) finished a poster for a childhood favorite- ironically the first thing I've drawn that really seemed to frighten my kids! That's some kind of twisted endorsement, right?

More specific news on these projects soon (and some art print stuff- remember those?)
thanks for listening--JC

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