Friday, June 11, 2021

Disney TANGLED artist proofs on sale today (6/11) at 2PM EDT

Hello friends- Hope you're doing well.. staying sane.. getting back to a bit of normalcy out there in the world. Before things get too crazy with new releases later this month, let's finally get to the Disney TANGLED AP onsale..

Just refresh the blog page at sale time and I'll make a new post where you can purchase..

These are licensed 12"x36" 21-color screenprints (with metallic inks), printed by the masters over at Cyclops Print Works. The main run of 250 sold out quickly at Cyclops, and I'll only have a small amount of APs available for purchase so don't be late.

As with most drops, a few archive prints (Disney-related + others) will probably make their way into the store, so make sure to scroll all the way down. 

Hope to see you back here Friday-JC


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