Thursday, November 8, 2018

AP & Archive Osale -Today at 1PM EST

Hello my friends- A short PSA regarding today's AP n Archive Onsale:

WHERE/WHEN? Just refresh the main page here at, and we'll make a new sale post at 1PM est. with purchase buttons, prices, descriptions etc... We'll have licensed screenprints for Superman and Fistful of Dollars, plus a ton of pulls from the flat files.

Now on to the fun part...   Everyone making a purchase during the sale is automatically entered into a live weekend drawing for my long sold-out Mondo Jurassic Park screenprint from 2011.  It's been far too long since Ive had one of these in hand and instead of sticking it in a flat file we wanted to have some fun with it.

Hope to see some of back here at 1PM - JC

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