Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Son of Krypton" - New screenprint on sale 4/15 at 2PM EST

Hello friends-  We're headed north this week, back to where it all begins...

"Son of Krypton" (Solitude #2)
36"x12" Screen print
S/N - xx/200

WHEN: On sale Friday, April 15 at 2PM EST

WHERE: Come back here at 2PM EST and I'll make a new post with purchase buttons/info.

All I remember is stumbling back to the studio in a kind of mild fury, resentful of the way this film had treated my beloved hero. So I did as I often do, sought solace in the past- threw in the 1978 movie and filled my thoughts with Reeve, Ford, Brando, data crystals and classic suit colors.

Watching Superman the Movie for the 500th time, I was again inspired by Jor-El’s sacrifice and lessons, by Pa Kent’s quiet wisdom, by Clark’s extreme kindness even when faced with personal suffering and fear. Over the course of those 2 hours everything else fell away, and Superman became a hero again.

Thanks to Germain Lussier and Io9 for the reveal.


Unknown said...

Looks fantastic! I don't suppose you'll be printing any larger versions, would you? I would absolutely love to have this as a centrepiece on my wall.

Unknown said...

Dude, this looks amazing. I will definitely try to get one today.