Monday, May 6, 2013

News and shipping updates - UPDATED 5/9

Hello friends- hope you all had a great weekend. Had yet another weird crazy (but fun) week here at HQ, and it looks like it's only gonna get crazier as the summer approaches. What happened last week? Took on a few new poster jobs to debut later this summer, began sketching 2 new prints for a show in June, started layout on a unique project that has me revisting an older illustration in a new format, continued work on May's Guild art print, and completed a bit of hand-finishing on the (sold out to sub holders) 'North of the Wall' APs before S/N for shipping this week. 

UPDATE MAY 9: That G1988 AP sale I promised? Unfortunately because I'm still swamped getting pending orders out/hitting deadlines, I have to move the Gallery1988 AP sale one last time....

NEW PLAN- Gonna have the Gallery1988 AP onsale this MONDAY, MAY 13th. I need the weekend to be able to post new pics and some background info about the prints.
So sorry for the change, but I'm just too overwhelmed this week to do a proper onsale. 

MAY'S SUB PRINT - this month I'll reveal the Guild subscription print on Friday, May 17th (instead of the 15th). Not only will this help me catch up on shipping, but leaving a little gap between onsales is a good thing for my brain! 

"BEYOND THE PASS" update- Printing hit slight snag last week but is now back on track, should now have these in hand to start shipping next week; a color issue arose during production so for quality's sake we went back and started over to get 'em looking just right,should look even better now-- any questions about your individual order please shoot me a mail.

Please check back this weekend for pics of the G1988 show prints and some more info about Monday's onsale. Talk to you soon!--JC

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