Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's a story on a thimble, on a dimple, on a pea... and it's absolutely true until the end...

Hello friends-  No pitiful excuses for the long-delayed update, other than to say I've been using my time wisely (if that means getting lots of stuff done behind the scenes).

True to form, I've already overextended myself a bit in first half of 2013; just too many cool projects I can't say no to, even when it would benefit sanity. These include a couple of Mondo-related things, some things I can't talk about, and then some other things I can't talk about (yes, NDAs make for bad sharing ).

The biggest news thing on a personal front is a 2-person show happening sometime next year-- TONS of art print goodness in the works for that. I've also decided to finally offer a limited number of  art print subscription for 2013 as well- really looking forward to getting back to regular art print releases. I've avoided subscriptions in the past since it was too tough to predict what commercial jobs I'd be doing at any given point, and how many prints would come out within a certain timeframe, etc. However, 2013 should be much different; for example, more releases are planned for just the one show than in all of  '12! I'm excited...
Still working out the subscription details but I'll post 'em (and small previews of a few future releases) asap.

My early resolution is to update/post/tweet more-- and I mean it this time. Really.

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Marcus said...

Thanks for the update JC. I was beginning to wonder what great things , especially what art prints may be in the works. The subscription ideas sounds interesting too. Look forward to seeing the details and hearing how that works out.