Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy 4 Cult NYC tonight!

Hello friends-

Just a heads up for all those in the area... Gallery1988's Pop Up gallery for Crazy 4 Cult NYC is opening tonight!

UPDATE: All the artwork from the show is available here at G88's site.

I visited the space just yesterday and was blown away by the quality of work in this show.I ended up doing a 1/1 instead of a screenprint for this one, from a long forgotten mainstream movie so widely panned it ended up turning 'cult'.

Hope some of you can make it down, it's gonna be a special one.-JC 


Inside the Rock Poster Frame said...

Joe Versus the Volcano, nice one.

bryrob said...

I've always loved Joe Versus the Volcano ever since I saw it at the theater on it's original release. I still watch my DVD of it now and then. Great job!