Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New print - "Dragonslayer"

Worked with the fine folks at Mondo to produce a new poster for a true favorite from my childhood. Sure, there have been many dragons presented with more CG polish and sheen, but for me Vermithrax Pejorative still stands as one of the best creature designs of all time.

Phil Tippett, the legendary effects wizard who created a new form of character animation to bring Vermithrax to life, will be at a special screening / "QnA" at the Alamo this Thursday. In fact, Mr. Tippett's new stop motion film MAD GOD just surpassed it's Kickstarter goal of $40k this afternoon. Can't wait to what they do with the project.
Get more info on the Mondo blog.

Hope everyone attending the screening enjoys the movie (and the print). I'll be there in spirit, sailing the Lake of Fire...

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