Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Fortress of Solitude" print release Monday 1/30

Hi friends, let's keep the release train going- next up is "Fortress of Solitude."

PRINT DETAILS:   9-color screen print, 36"x12"- $95 (yes they are signed)
WHERE/WHEN: I'll put up a new blog post with 'Add to Cart' buttons on Monday, Jan. 30th at a random time in the afternoon (EST).  Please don't ask when-I have very few available and I'm attempting to get through this with as few oversells/refunds as possible.

A little background on this one-

I felt very fortunate to get the opportunity to create this DC-licensed print for Mondo, and even more so since it involves the most iconic superhero of 'em all. Even though I knew the comics and enjoyed the cartoons & 50s TV series, my first real gateway to the Superman mythos was through the Richard Donner films. One of the first 'grown up' books I ever bought was a text-heavy Making of Superman: The Movie; I pored endlessly over the few black and white "behind the scenes" photos, made up mostly of shots of wire flying tests and carpenters building the massive Pinewood Studios sets.

The largest of these was the Fortress of Solitude, and it seemed the the greatest cathedral ever built. The film's crystalline design just felt more 'otherworldly' and exotic than previous comic book incarnations of the Fortress (with mountain cave and clunky keys) and much more like a piece of an alien landscape replicated in an Artic wasteland. This image is a direct homage to Donner's universe (quickly corrupted by the hack named Richard Lester); if there was a goal, it was to make it feel like a long-lost original piece of concept art for the '78 film.

As always, thanks for listening- hope to see some of you back here tomorrow afternoon for the sale.

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michdmbfan said...

Great description of your inspiration for the print. And excellent job on the artwork!