Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Onsale is OFF..thanks everyone

Hello friends, welcome to the 2012 Holiday onsale... thanks for the purchases everyone! If anything screwy happens, just shoot me an email and we'll work it out. And if something oversells, I'll notify everyone asap- thanks so much for the support! ________________________________________________________

 TIDBITS OF TIME - 25x15 screenprint (10 color) - **out of stock**

A THOUSAND YEARS WIDE 30x12 screenprint - **out of stock**
SINFUL, WINDBORNE 20x16 screenprint - **out of stock**
LAST IN A LINE AP 24x9 screenprint - **out of stock**
SLEEPING IN LIGHT UNCUT SHEET 26x20 screenprint - **out of stock**
UNCUT SEA MONSTERS ETC. 24x36 screenprint - **out of stock**


Michael Hancock said...

Where's Tidbits of Time?

JC Richard said...

Tidbits is coming! Wasn't ready to go and didn't want to make everyone wait, should be posted in a few minutes.. I'll combine shipping if you have to go back sorry!

Carson said...

Dang it. I was done buying art for a while and you just keep pulling me back in.

Steven Mongrain said...

Too bad I didn't get an email about the sale. Would have loved a Uncut sleeping in light. :(