Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come rain, come snow, come hail or sleet...

The old mailman creed seems appropriate this week, as today makes 2 straight weeks of shoveling and ice chopping without a day off... even the snowblower seemed to roll its 'eyes' at me this morning as if to say, "Really, again?"

Wanted to let everyone know that last sale's orders started shipping, moving as fast as possible without damaging stuff.. I really appreciate your patience, hadn't planned everything selling out so quickly/having to ship so many tubes at once! If you have a question about your individual order, you can always shoot me a message.

UPDATE 2/15 - Just a handful of orders left to ship, getting all that remains out this week. My apologies to those who are still waiting, the upside is that a longer wait usually means an extra hbill or two makes it in the tube..

Anyway, hope you are all staying warm and enjoying some winter fun.
Here's a cool handbill I didn't get to show during the sale (around 12in)..this one's all about the wolf..  -JC


jiatlas said...

are the handbills going to be inserted into tubes or sold separately?

JC Richard said...

Everyone who ordered this round got at least one of the hbills... if there's any left, I may put a couple up during the next sale.