Friday, January 21, 2011

Digging out some info.. and the driveway... and the sidewalk....

Hello friends.. well, another day, another blizzard. The new year has brought snow, ice, rain.. the flu--everything that makes winter in New England so exciting. Not thrilled that I'm still running behind (due largely to the ravages of the season previously mentioned), but at least I can share the date for the next release:

"Sleeping In Light" will go up for sale Wednesday, Jan. 26th (sometime after noon EST).

I'll post some better (larger) images of the print/detail before the sale date.

In other news:
The microcosmicmedia mailing list is finally live! Sign up for notifications about future releases and pertinent print news. Won't promise a ton of updates, only when I have something relatively important to share...but that's a good thing, right? I don't enjoy people filling my inbox with every little thought in their heads and assume other folks don't as well (if you want off the list at anytime, just follow the unsubscribe link or contact me and I'll do it manually).

Almost done with the artwork for next month's print; hopefully we can keep this ball rolling in 2011 with more regular print releases. Hope to see you next week, thanks everyone -JC

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