Thursday, August 22, 2019

THE BEACH (Amity '74 #3) onsale is.. ON.

Hello friends-  Welcome to THE BEACH (Amity 74 print 3) onsale.

**Update 9/10  Thanks all. We're just waiting on the remaining Beach prints to arrive back from our printers, and all outstanding orders from the onsale will post as soon as we get back from Mondocon Austin on 9/17.
Any questions feel free to shoot us a mssg-JC

THE BEACH (Amity '74 #3) 36x12 - S/N xx/150 - $55
**out of stock**
THE CHASE w/ Title 36x12 AP xx/40- $75
**out of stock**

THE CHASE art print 36x12 AP xx/30- $85
**out of stock**

THE DEPARTURE Regular 9x24 - $45
(Blade Runner) AP 12x28 - $50
**out of stock**

SW TRILOGY Handbill Set- $30
(2) 12x4 hbills; (2) 6x8 hbills

*All prints are S/N unless otherwise noted.
THE CHASE is the latest in our Amity '74  print series, capturing treasured and not-so-treasured moments from that strange, surreal summer when the water went red... more to come.

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