Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AP SALE TOMORROW! Journey, SW sets, and a new Nature Guild print (plus some assort. archive goodies)

Hello friends-
Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be having an ONSALE tomorrow, Thursday 6/19 at 3PM EST.

I'lll be putting up JOURNEY APs, a few Archive APs (including a couple of Star Wars trilogy sets)  and some that I've never put up publicly... and last but not least I'll debut the new NATURE GUILD art print for those who have been waiting so patiently... back to the shoreline for this one..

How do you purchase? Just come back here to the blog tomorrow just refresh the page at 3PM EST;  I'll make a new post at sale time with all the purchase buttons, images etc. so you can shop.  Since I have very small numbers of APs, I'll do my best to  prevent overselling but may not be possible-if that happens I'll let everyone know ASAP.   I have very few of the Journey prints and other APs so don't be late!

Hope to see some of you back here Thursday at 3PM -JC

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Aaron said...

Did you already have the sale?