Thursday, June 19, 2014

The pre-summer ONSALE is on!

Hello my friends-welcome to onsale! Just click on the paypal button below to purchase (FYI code went a bit screwy- buy buttons are below each thumbnail)

RISING TO SLEEP - (Nature Guild #8)- S/N xx/50; 18x24 screenprint; 5-color (1 fade)  - OUT OF STOCK

 *will ship in 3-4 weeks

JOURNEY s/n AP -xx/33 6-color screenprint 36"x11"  - OUT OF STOCK

PETER PAN (for MONDO)  S/N AP - 12-color screenprint - 36"x12"-  OUT OF STOCK

THE FOREST SENTRIES - 18x24  screenprint; 10-color- OUT OF STOCK

PROMETHEUS for Mondo/SDCC'13- AP -S/N xx/33 6-color screenprint 36"x12"  - OUT OF STOCK

JUNGLE RUNNER (inspired by Pitfall)- AP for iam8bit Art Show S/N xx/22, 27"x10" giclee - OUT OF STOCK

“WE KEEP WATCH” - 28″ x 12″, 10-color screenprint  - OUT OF STOCK

DRAGONSLAYER poster for Mondo - AP
S/N 6-color screenprint - 24"x36" -  OUT OF STOCK

THE BATCAVE (before) Variant for Sideshow Collectibles

S/N 9-color screenprint - 29"x20"  - OUT OF STOCK


"The Three Voices" 18"x24", 9-color screen print


REMEMBER- If anything goes weird or you run into an issue, just shoot me an email and we'll work it out.

Thanks again everyone for all the support!-JC


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