Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SLEEPING IN LIGHT - onsale is at an end...

Hello friends
UPDATE:  01/29 Closing the store up, furiously doing the s/n/title thing and waiting on extra tubes to come in from yazoo. Thanks to all who emailed their interest in the new print--if I have any left I'll let people know, but right know looks like I'm sold out. 

To everyone who ordered this time or in the past-- can't thank you enough for the support.

"SLEEPING IN LIGHT"- 7-color screen print (with 3 fades!)
edition of 150, 13.5"x25"
edition of 25, 13.5"x25"

edition of 69
(Regular and Day version included)
 "You swing best when you have the fewest things to think about."-Bobby Jones
"Those who want the fewest things are nearest to the gods." -Socrates

Reg. version - 4-color, 10"x9" 
Day version - 3-color, 9.5"x8.25"

"LAST IN A LINE" - 5-color screen print, edition of 75, 9"x24"

"THE WAY OF THE WORLD" - 5-color screen print (with 1 fade), edition of 100, 18"x24"

"THE CASE FOR SEA MONSTERS" - 6-color screen print (with 2 fades), edition of 75, 9"x24"

UNCUT SHEET - 24x36, 6-color
Edition of 5 - 1 available - $125


**PLEASE let me know if you have any problems with the order system, it's pretty rudimentary..

As with all screen prints, some colors/fades may appear slightly different than the examples pictured, it adds to the uniqueness of each print as no two are exactly alike. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for delivery... I'm a one-man show and like to take the time to number/title/sign each print by hand, so I really appreciate your patience.

I do try to monitor stuff in real-time but can't be here every minute, so don't panic if something doesn't go as planned, just email me and we'll take care of it..


Matt Dennis said...

hey man, love the black line version. Is it already sold out?

JC Richard said...

Maybe, I'll have to do a hand count later to see what's left.

Seriously OVERWHELMED by the response! Can't thank you all enough, I didn't expect this many orders in that short amount of time

chaseter said...

+2! Cannot wait to see this thing! Congrats on the success. Nothing but great things ahead me thinks.

Gonzo said...

Congrats on a fast sellout. Glad I snagged them both!

Unknown said...

Hi, I couldn't find an email address for issues. I placed an order and have a problem.

JC Richard said...


brainofkjf said...

D'OH! Totally missed out! Hope you have a few left after the count, but kudos on the fast sellout.

Anonymous said...

I so need this print. If you don't have any left, hopefully someone will have an extra. Please help! I have been waiting for a another blue print to finish off my basement. Will go alongside Daniel danger, Dan McCarthy and some mini prints. Please help angus3102@a o

Greg B said...

Congrats on winning the weekly award with this piece!

JC Richard said...

Wow, can't believe the EB thing is real, I'm quite stunned.. thanks everyone for all the kind words. I still think people must have been confused somehow and thought they were voting for something else!

Still matching up orders and trying to answer as many emails as I can before collapsing tonight--damn snowstorm slowed me down AGAIN. I love the stuff, but you can only pile it so high...
I will certainly post if any more become available-JC

Unknown said...

must . . . have . . . blackline . . . .